Craig Davidiuk
Craig Davidiuk

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Expert

“I’ve been making my living online for nearly 20 years. The companies I own or work forĀ  have changed but my desire to master digital marketing has not.

In my career it’s been necessary to hire over a dozen consultants and experts and each of those experiences left me frustrated, broke and without tangible results. Most of those hires were made out of desperation and lack of a clear plan. At one point I spent $25,000 on a website and blog that generated about 5 sales in a year. The consultants response “these things take time”. Seriously? At this point I’d had enough and commited myself to learning Inbound Marketing.

When you work with me, I make sure that your getting a return on your money. I’m a small business owner like you and if it doesn’t need doing, I don’t do it. Every action I perform is about creating results for you. If you are a small business owner, run a non profit or want to launch your first online business, you’ll really appreciate the fact that I’ve probably “been there, done that”.


I produced a TEDx in 2014. It was probably the biggest highlight of my management career.


Career & Small Business Highlights

Ultimate Promotions: Grew up working in my family lapel pin and medal factory. Took it over in 2002 and still own and operate Ultimate Promotions. This company is a national level competitor and ranks on page one for many of our keywords. If I can survive online competing with publicly traded companies with 50 employees or more, I can probably have a huge impact on your small business.

Wonderland Valley Resort: My wife and I purcahsed a 13 acre property in Squamish that had 50 campsites and 5 hotel rooms. It was derelict when we took it over. After our first year we ranked #1 for campgrounds in Squamish and on Trip Advisor. Our sales doubled by the second year and we sold it before year 3.

What's On Websites: I ran two event listing websites for the Sea to Sky and Cariboo regions.

Non- Profits: I've sat on boards for scouting, mountain biking, community radio and even ran TEDxSquamish.

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Cariboo Aquatics

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