Project Brief

Adam started his own small business after working in the trades for over 20 years. He wanted a simple system for generating business for his company and reached out to us for help. This client is a "hands off" kinda guy who doesn't' want to get bogged down with managing a complex website.

The Challenge: Getting a brand new site to rank for his key search term against larger, more established competitors. Google uses "trust rank" as a key ranking signal.

Our Work

We found a really simple one page template and made what is for intents and purposes a "landing page". It's a simple, clean look and we also integrated his Instagram feed into the site.

  • researched keywords for this service and discovered the url "Vancouver Cabinet Refacing" was available. Pure Gold!  Adding a  a top-tier keyword in your url is a low cost "hack" we can employ
  • encouraged people to text or call in addition to email as Adam's out on jobs often
  • started a blog with other simiarl keywords such as up-cycle, recycle and even repair so we can start attracting organic searches
  • we set up Adam with an associate who runs a small monthly adwords campaign for him.
  • The site generates around 4 inquires a month through forms and we're unable to track phone calls and emails. Cabinet Refacing