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If you have a website without a blog, you are going to struggle to rank for any of your searches. Craig's been writing and blogging for over 20 years.

Google uses over 200 ranking signals when serving up search results. If you don't know what they are, you are wasting your time writing about your businesses special, your personal story or otherwise.  These days, you are writing for search engines first and your audience second. Striking a balance is incredibly hard.

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What Do You Write About? 

How exactly does one write for robots? How do I come up with the right ideas? The answer is KEYWORD RESEARCH. 

We use a suite of tools to snoop on your competition and other high ranking sites.  Then we come up with a list of topics that meet those search criteria. OH! And somehow we have to make it interesting. research for blog

Do I REALLY have to? 

It depends on how much money you have in your bank account. Getting a new site to rank and generate business is VERY expensive when you do not generate any organic traffic.   You have to rely on Paid search and that can take quite a while before we're done experimenting and burning your budget up.

Since we started blogging with this method:

  • 600 visitors a month to our website
  • google shows Ultimate Promotions for all keywords related to "custom pins" in top 5
  • Instagram and Facebook posts that feature a lesson or tutorial on our blog the most popular and shared


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blogging is the key to sucess.


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