Project Brief My wife is a hair stylist at a local salon. She needed a portfolio site to create more bookings and give her clients a place to do style research. She is very adept at social channels like Instagram and Pinterest so I created a site that requires no updates. Within a month of launching her site landed on page one in search results. Note how I use keywords in the description text below. This covers all the main keywords people use to locate her service. Social Media Integration People often overlook Pinterest as a social channel. But you know what? They have 9.2 MILLION visitors a month. And every time you post a link to your url on your pins, you get an SEO backlink. Not only that, it’s a super easy and quick way for people to collect visual ideas and theme them. For hairdressing, its a goldmine! And Pinterest offers a really easy way to post these boards on your site. The added bonus is now my wife can whip out her phone and share her ideas with a client, in the chair.   Instagram Instagram offers the ability to showcase your work quickly and post directly to your website. If you are a busy hairdresser, you don’t have time to upload and post images. This integration does the heavy lifting for you. When combined with Facebook Ads, it can be a very powerful and affordable marketing platform for local businesses. The other thing we did on Instagram is created a series of graphics that tell people when she has openings or cancellations. Once she develops her audience on Instagram, she can notify a few hundred people at a time that there is space for style! 100 Mile Hair Salon, Stylist. Cuts