This project required me to be part detective, part reporter and part abstract thinker. Karen is an established practitioner of Craniosacral therapy. She currently resides in our community of 108 Mile Ranch but works in the Lower Mainland primarily.  She came to me with an aging website that was heavy on abstract and light on “what is it”.

Craniosacral therapy is abstract to the un-initiated. The central idea being is that your body is a series of interconnected systems and most health care practitioners treat the symptom. Cranio works at the fascial level to create healing.  The project took well over a year and it was necessary to “embed myself” in the therapy somewhat. I’d tried it in the past but I was fortunate enough to being using this therapy for stress reduction and migraines. The end result is a website that:

  • switched domains from craniosacralunwinding.com to karenwrinkle.com. I felt her name was more inviting that the more abstract “unwinding” concept.  I had to move two sites and domains off GoDaddy. (No small feat)
  • We began by re-writing her existing articles and cleaning up the content while we developed a plan
  • The new site presents the concept in bite sized pieces
  • Lots of well written articles that explain “what is it”. These same articles are also designed to attract searches
  • Streamlined her booking process with email automation (auto-responder) and a new intake form.
  • Email autoresponder sends different content for two audiences (Vancouver/Cariboo)
  • Updated her swily logo and used those colors a lot on new site

karen wrinkle website