Paid Search

Craig has used paid search in every way imaginable. It's been the cornerstone of his lead generation for over five years.  We can help you decide which advertising platform is right for your business by developing high impact campaigns, sales funnels and landing pages. paid search

Paid Search
Paid Search Works

We can align your product or service with the right audience. It takes experience, patience and most of all, cash. Paid search isn't for everyone and we can help you decide if it's right for you. The thing we tell our clients is that Google ads are designed more like a slot machine than a bank machine. 😉

In our experience you need to turn your ads on and leave them running. We've all got those "free" Google Adwords coupons right?  There's no point in running a $100 campaign and stopping for six months. You'd be better off getting a few blog posts written for that money.

There's a lot of tactics to consider such as

  • what network: display, search or even video
  • google shopping ads
  • leveraging AI in your ad creation (dynamic ads)

There are two really exciting things happening in paid search right now.

Google shopping Ads

If you have a shopping cart, you need to start running these ads. They display on the most prominent space on search results.  If you don't have a shopping cart, we've learned a hack. Etsy! Contact us to find out more.

Dynamic Ads

The robots are now building your ads. Gone are the days of writing 200 different variations of your ad and testing. Google and Facebook do this for you by using machine learning to serve up thousands of ad variations. It's pretty cool tech and we'd love to show you how because it takes the tough part out of ad creation.


Depending on the size of your campaign, we may work with a partner on this project who we know and trust.

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