My company, Ultimate Promotions has been operating online using a “quote based” system. This means that in order to get pricing, you have to talk to us. Lost of customers don’t like doing business this way.  These days, people want to see pricing.  Of all the projects I’ve managed in my 20 year career, this is by far the largest and most complex.

Shopping carts for my product mix, require a lot of custom programming. Most products like Shopify can’t handle the number of pricing variations I have. I’ve actually tried to do this twice previously and haven’t been able to get shopping carts to perform the way I wanted. The answer was a wordpress site with WooCommerce and a lot of customization.


Custom Medal Page With Price Breaks

product page with pricing grid



This project took 15 months and approximately $12,000 in custom programming to complete. This is in addition to the approximately 300 hours I’ve put in setting up the site.  Most of that money went towards an online tool that allows customer to quickly and easily customize their stock medals. Online tools are being used on every top ranking site in my category.


Custom Programmed Medal Builder Page

custom medal builder


I also noticed that one US supplier of stock medals and awards was really taking hold in Canada. I spent a lot of time analyzing how they sold their product online and then set out to improve upon it.  I also made a decision to add a new category of products to my mix. Stock medals, trophies and plaques. The reason is that I noticed Google wanted to rank my for “awards” related searches but my ability to offer this product on the old platform wasn’t efficient and over time my rankings for medals suffered.

The end result is it increased my site size by about 500% overnight.  The other bonus of having a shopping cart, is you can get google shopping ads.  Take note of how my small, 3 person business can compete head to head with and Etsy! Talk about David vs Goliath.


shopping ad example



The Shop Page

shopping site example