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Project Brief

It's been 5 years since Craig saw any growth at his company. He tried consultants, outsourcing to India, cold calling, email marketing and social media. NOTHING was working. On the positive side, his website was over 17 years old and ranked sporadically on Google for his products. But by the time he'd hired a SEO guy, a writer gal and an email marketing guy, there wasn't any sales to back up the cost.

One consultant he worked with showed him Hubspot. It's the most important thing that happened to his company and his career. This amazing online toolbox allowed him to host his website, client database, manage the workflow, forecast cash, attribute marketing spend and so much more. He dove in headfirst into mountains of videos, tutorials and stats.

In early 2016 he set to work rebuilding his website and getting committed to learning inbound marketing, social media, video and paid search. That process started with a blog that took 12 months to write and produce 20 articles, 15 videos and several digital downloads.

Website Pop Up Email CaptureSince then we've also added email automation and split our customer groups into 7 distinct personas. Our customer list was meticulously sorted and organized into personas to better target the effort. Dead wood was removed. All business admin and marketing efforts were moved to Hubspot platform.

In the fall of 2018, a new website and brand was launched to back up the blog. Now google has a massive amount of content to attribute to this domain.  Inquiries increased and became consistant. Craig became an "online enamel pin expert' by leveraging his personal story to a massive online community of Enamel Pin Designers. Visit EnamelPin.Info

As part of building this community, he took to Instagram and built a following of 700 followers in five months. Visit Instagram Feed.

Due to the complex nature of custom lapel pins and medals, a shopping cart doesn't work. He's tried four different times and it failed miserably. So he had to get creative and build out several complex, custom coded landing pages for his key products.

There are dozens of other things he does every day to help his company grow and succeed online. If he's able to create this kind of growth when competing against publicly traded companies online, he can create growth for you.

1 year growth

Pre Website Launch

  • Unique visitors a month: 500
  • Bounce rate 85%¬† (people who visit and leave)
  • Average inquiries per month online: 5
  • keywords on page 1: none
  • all business coming from repeat customers

Post Website Launch (April 2019)

  • Unique visitors: 2000 and growing
  • Bounce rate: 55%
  • Average inquires per month since new year: 70
  • Keywords on page one: 17
  • 20% increase in sales month over month from 2018


Craig feels that he could go to marketing school for 10 years and not gain the same experience he did this past year. Now that he's built out the best blog site for Enamel Pin designers, there's a blog being launched for Custom Sport Medals and Lanyards shortly.

Ultimate Promotions