www.helpingblendedfamilies.com (blog)

Project Brief
  • Coni Ulmer is a recent graduate of a counselling program and resides in the Lower Mainland. She decided to take the brave step of offering her services 100% online
  • Coni needed a high quality platform to attract new customers, share her skills and solutions and for online bookings
  • Coni is new to small business ownership and also appreciated the advice on setting up business systems and processes
biz cards and logo
Our Work
  • Due to Coni’s micro focus on helping women in blended families (pre or post divorce) it’s much easier to target her ideal customer online. After extensive research of competitor site and keywords, it became obvious that Coni is doing this at “just” the right time. Most therapists websites are very dated and do not provide much info besides a brief bio and contact info.
  • I selected an existing theme for Therapists which made the job much easier
  • We worked collaboratively over the period of 4 months to get clear on her desired customers and how to attract them with blog posts, email marketing, social media and print.
  • Support will be ongoing for social media promotion, video conferencing consulting and more
  • The project features a new brand identity, online booking, high quality blog posts that attract searches and that act as a resource for her clients
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