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Most business owners struggle to ask for kudos from their customers after a transaction. The top reasons for this are usually fear of getting a bad review, they are too cumbersome to manage or they are not grasping how to administer the process. Today I’ll dive into the methods I use every day to gather reviews on Google and other sites.

First let’s talk about the importance of using Google as your primary review service. Most internet searches are on Google. So it goes without saying that having a heap of rosy reviews on Google is going to help boost your rankings. Even with my well honed process for gathering reviews, less than 1% of my customers will do this for me. So that’s why you have to ask every single customer to help you out.

Since I started collecting review on Google, I’ve noticed that the quality of my leads has increased dramatically. In the past year I’ve had a lot more success selling to brands like KLM/Air France and even Oprah Winfrey’s Dog. It’s also helped other small business owners and non-profits feel comfortable giving us a chance at their business.


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Sure, Facebook is valid and you’ll actually see those reviews posted next your Google reviews in searches. It all depends on your business. For me, my customer do not hang out on Facebook. So it’s REALLY hard to get those reviews for me. But if you are a people-to-people business on Facebook, it’s important to push people to review you in both places.

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Three Steps To Gaining More Reviews On Google


  1. Register your business on Google Places and Google my business. 
  2. Create a referral link by searching for our business name on Google Places. You’ll see a “place ID” that you can copy and past into this link  (change out the biz id for your business) get your biz id number
  3. Add this link with a strong “Call To Action” in an outgoing email. Impress upon people you are a small business and reviews are important.There are two ways to create a link.
        • A text link. “Dear Wonderful Customer, Please take a second and review us here. ” 
        • Or you buttons or even an animated gif!   I automate this process so that every customer gets an email within 5 days of getting their product. You can set up something like this for free in Mailchimp and create an automated email that you simply add names too. It all depends on how your email marketing is setup.

review us on google

If you are struggling to set this up, message me an email and I can create your link for you free of charge! I can also set up the automation in Mailchimp or another service for you.